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You can also see what I'm up to on my blog and on twitter @nopunchbacks. You can also visit my Flickr pages for just about a complete archive of works!

Artist Bio:

With careful attention to color and inspiration drawn from nature, literature, lyrics, and music, Brooklyn-based artist Kelly Denato's turbulent compositions are a playful combination of gloom and glee.  Her style has been aptly described as "juicy and gauzy" and often engages our darker sense of humor.  Her body of work consists primarily of paintings, drawings, and small sculptures. 

Kelly began showing in NY in 2005 and since has participated in numerous shows in the U.S.  She was a part of this year's Artist Series for the Android Vinyl Toy and is currently creating works for galleries in NY and LA for shows in early 2013. To see more of her work visit her website